Fun Food Services

Whether it’s an intimate wedding, birthday party, success celebration, or any other occasion, we provide top-quality Fun Food Servicesin Dubai for any type of get-to-gether! Let’s make your event more majestic by arranging delightful food for your guests.

We’re The Best Catering Services in Dubai & Anywhere In UAE

We are full of food items and have adequate staff for food management and serving facilities, no matter how small or grand your event will be.

Food Machines for Savory Items

Our list of savory items with live food machines will make a lavish event experience for your guests and attendees. From sizzling grill and tempting hot pizza to fresh crunchy popcorn and cotton candies for satisfying your sweet tooth, we specialize in bringing excitement and engagement to your guests’ dining experience.

Pick & Mix Chips Station

Are you planning a movie night for your celebration or want to add to a crisp n fresh chips station with our catering services? The big Moo Events will help you fulfill this demand!

From traditional potato chips to gourmet vegetable crisps, our eclectic selection of crunchy delights ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Satisfy cravings with an assortment of delectable dips and seasonings, allowing guests to experiment and savor a personalized snack experience like no other.

Choice of Chips:


Mocktail Station

A refreshing drink with a huge variety of flavors would be a great addition to your event. With crazy flavors, amazing mixing recipes, and the art of serving drinks, our mocktail station will enhance the drinking experience to the next level at parties, weddings, and birthdays. Our catering services with mocktail experience add a touch of sophistication and flair to any occasion, ensuring that every sip is a celebration in itself.

Sweet Food Service

Our Delectable Sweet Food Service. From Irresistible Dessert Tables to Customized Confectionery, We Add a Dash of Sweetness to Every Occasion. Savor the Moment, Let Us Take Care of the Sweet Treats.

Your Guests in a World of Culinary Delights, from Exquisite Dessert Buffets to Handcrafted Confections. Our Artisanal Approach Ensures Each Sweet Moment is a Culinary Masterpiece. Let Us Craft the Sweet Memories for Your Special Occasion!

Party Meal

At The big Moo Events, every bite is a celebration and every meal is an experience to remember. We redefine the art of party dining, crafting culinary masterpieces that tantalize the taste buds and leave guests clamoring for more.

From intimate gatherings to grand galas, our party meals, including brunch, lunch, and dinner, are meticulously curated to reflect your unique style and elevate your event to new heights of gastronomic delight.

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Still trying to figure out our credibility? Our decades-old event management company in UAE and large clientele will surely help you make up your mind. We deliver unbelievable event management services with great perks.


We have professionals with years of experience in flawless event management across the UAE.

Personalized Service

We listen to your preferences & organize your events with mindful activities, healthy catering options, and relaxation zones.

Extensive Network

Access to top vendors and venues across the UAE to secure the best deals and resources for your event.

Stress-Free Planning

Our dedicated team handles planning and coordination, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – enjoying your event.

Creative Touch

Whether you're envisioning a traditional Arabian soirée or a modern, avant-garde affair, we infuse creativity with stunning detail.

Seamless Execution

Our team will be on-site to oversee every aspect of the event, ensuring seamless execution from start to finish.

Impeccable Planning with Best Event Planner Team In Dubai, UAE

Our team’s relentless dedication to crafting unforgettable events sets us apart in the market. Just look at our growing clientele and quality services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions And We Have The Answers

Why do I need a professional events manager/planner?

Hiring a professional events manager/planner brings expertise, saves time, and ensures a successful event. They have the knowledge and experience to handle logistics, coordinate vendors, and execute flawless events.

With their network and resources, they can secure competitive prices and access innovative ideas. Their role allows you to focus on other important aspects while they handle the planning, resulting in a stress-free and memorable event.

How far in advance should I book your services for my event?

We recommend booking our services as early as possible to secure your preferred date and ensure ample time for planning and preparations. Popular dates tend to fill up quickly, so contacting us well in advance is advised.

Can you help with both small and large-scale events?

Absolutely! Our team is experienced in managing events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale corporate functions. We can tailor our services to meet your specific needs, regardless of the event’s scale.

What types of entertainment options do you offer for parties and events?

We offer a wide range of entertainment options to suit different event themes and preferences. Our offerings include live music, DJs, dancers, magicians, acrobats, and much more. We can discuss your event requirements and recommend the most suitable entertainment options for you.

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