Creative Ideas For Making A Birthday Invitation Card For Your Kid’s Birthday Bash

Creating hype for your kid’s birthday party from scratch makes your kid electrified about their birthday bash. From making a list of guests to deciding venues, and other arrangements, everything looks and feels thrilling and exciting. One of the best feelings is when you design your kid’s birthday invitation card to invite their friends and family members.

Kids are very excited to suggest the design of cards and select themes, colors, and styles of fonts to make their birthday invitation cards attractive and cool. As a parent, you have to welcome your kid’s ideas, preferences, and choices to make them happy and also give suggestions if needed. 

You may pay for a perfect venue, delicious meals, and other event equipment but you prefer to choose a DIY birthday card design. Pro Tip: It is understood that you may not get your card designed by paying a professional designer. Instead, using free designing tools, like Canva, can help you without investing a single penny. 

Here is how you can design an exciting birthday invitation card by yourself.

  • Sign up with a free design tool like Cannva.
  • Select a birthday invitation card template 
  • Customize it according to your preference.
  • Export it into the preferred format and 
  • You are ready to go!

birthday invitation card

Creative Ideas For Making A Customize Birthday Invitation Card

Here are some amazing tips to make a creative yet custom birthday invitation card for your kid’s birthday party.

Always Use Bright Colors

Remember, kids love bright colors like- red, yellow, green, blue, and pink. These colors stimulate a sense of positivity and playfulness. No doubt, as your toddler grows up, the chances of their likeness may change according to their personality. However, bright and vibrant colors are highly recommended to make your guest excited to join your kid’s birthday party. 

Follow The Birthday Theme In Your Card

If you decide on any theme for your kid’s birthday party, your card must align with the theme to give a sneak peek to your guests. For example, if you choose a superhero theme and order a cake of superhero characters, your card also speaks about it. You can add a superhero character and weapons to make it relevant.

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Use Different Font Styles

To make your card kid-friendly, use funky and stylish fonts that make every card viewer more engaging. Use different fonts that complement each other and also look readable for kids and all invitees. Moreover, playing with different fonts can be tricky but not impossible. You can test different font contrasts for the header, sub-header, and body text. 

Write Clear Invitation Content

Play with the twist and twirl words that articulate your feelings while writing an invitation to your kid’s card. Your kid’s birthday must be special for you so let your feelings flow in the words of the invitation card. Maybe you can write a poetic sentence for your kids or use names that you call usually to your kid like “my darling, my munchkin, my superhero, etc.” Make sure you deliver a clear-cut message and communicate the proper venue address, date, and timings to ensure every guest is on time for the celebration. 

Select Uncluttered Layout

The birthday invitation card layout must be simple yet aligned with the theme that delivers uncluttered readability. For example, you can choose a two-column layout where you can put the relevant image on one side and add event details on the other side. This type of layout looks presentable, and event details can be easily found in one sight.

Think Out of the Box For Card Header

The header is the main thing that discloses the event breakthrough at first sight. You may add some image-based header or striking textual content that gives an event disclaimer. For example, you can say “John Turns One”, “Bella Hits 5”, or anything that comes to your mind. 

Wrapping Up

Seeing your kids happy is the best feeling in the world. Let’s not leave a single chance to do this anyway! Make your kid’s birthday special by planning and organizing your kid’s birthday party event. At The Big Moo Events, we help you plan perfect birthday party services that include event decoration, venue arrangement, event equipment, event entertainer, and catering without any hassle. Let’s get in touch with us to discuss your event requirements!

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