Finger Food Party Ideas That Multiply Birthday Fun & Feast

Your kids’ birthday party is incomplete with yummy food for guests and their friends. Kids’ are even better at enjoying food when they can eat while playing. And to cater to this requirement, finger foods are the best. If you worry about what you should include in your kids’ party meal, we have multiple kids’ birthday party finger food ideas that you can keep on your party menu. 

In this blog, you will uncover the best kids’ birthday party finger food ideas plus a show-stopping healthy platter that suits everyone’s taste buds. However, it is very challenging to decide from the paradox of food choices for the kids and guests. From now on, it can be resolved as we present The Big Moo Events which can help you organize small-to-large-scale kids’ birthday party events. In fact, we cherish all your birthday party requirements with full enthusiasm, from decoration to catering and event equipment.

Moreover, we have various finger food party ideas for your kid’s birthday party that our clients love to add to their party menu. Our specialized caterers are highly culturally influential in the Dubai landscape and understand UAE residents’ (including adults and kids) taste buds. We assure you that your guests will love the food that you pick from our finger food menu to main courses or anything in between. 

10 Best Finger Food Party Ideas 

Here is the list of finger food party ideas that we can provide. You can also customize the party menu according to your specifications. 

Sausage Rolls

Whether you throw a party at home or organize at an outdoor station, sausage rolls are the best finger food for kids and adults. You can make it with multiple variations like veg sausages or sausages mix to add varieties for adults and kids guests. 

Mini Pizzas

Pizzas are an all-time favorite for kids and adults, no matter what the size. Include it in your finger food list, mini pizza is always a show-stopper. Kids love the cheesy and meaty flavor so, keeping it simple and one-flavored is the best decision to avoid much time consumption and extra budget. 

Pizza Pinwheel 

It is another pizza version with a wheel-shaped variation. In fact, the pizza pinwheel is one of the top-picked finger food party ideas for kids as it looks nice and presentable with scrumptious cheesy flavors.

Lunch on a Stick

It is one of the most convenient finger food party ideas for your next kid’s birthday party event. Moreover, you can choose a variety of veg, meat, or fruit to make “lunch on a stick”. Usually, people use baby tomatoes, hum or any sliced-shaped meat, pickles or olives, cheese, and a slice of cucumber, and simply thread it in a wooden skewer. However, you can be flexible with the choices of food you want to add or subtract.

Flavourful Crips 

Crisps are kids’ favorite finger food and if they are in various flavors then no one can stop them from having big bites of crisps. In Dubai, you can also find crisps of various brands to make a crisps platter with more flavorful options. 


Kids love sandwiches with minimal ingredients like cheese, ham, tomatoes, and coleslaw. These minimalistic sandwiches are healthy finger food party ideas to make kids’ tummies full of nutrients. Moreover, you can make turn it more exciting by giving different-shaped sandwiches like star, triangle, heart, etc.


Cupcakes are another option to make birthday parties more colorful and delicious. It can be themed-inspired cupcakes or simple baked cupcakes that are easy to eat for the children.

Cheese Sticks

Serve the best mozzarella cheese sticks to kids and adults with a crispy crumb coating. Cheese sticks are considered a good finger food party idea to add to savory food at birthday parties and other kids’ events. 

Chicken Wonton

Include a protein-rich savor in your kid’s finger food menu by adding chicken wontons. These are a type of dumpling with scrumptious and crispy texture savory food that can be a good finger food party idea.

Other Finger Food Party Ideas 

Popcorn, fritters, french fries, biscuits, tortilla wraps, as well as corn are the best finger food party ideas to add to your menu. Moreover, opting for ice-creams, garlic breads, and DIY sandwiches can be good options to please kids and guests. 

4 Questions That You Need To Ask Before Planning Kids Food Party

What are the age ranges and preferences of the children?

Consider the age group of the children attending. Younger children might prefer simple, easy-to-eat foods, while older kids might enjoy more variety and adventurous options. Familiar foods like pizza, sandwiches, and fruit are often safe bets.

How can I make the food fun and appealing to kids?

The presentation can make a big difference. Use bright colors, fun shapes, and creative arrangements to make the food visually appealing. For example, cut sandwiches into fun shapes with cookie cutters, or serve fruit on skewers.

How much food should I prepare?

Estimate the quantity of food based on the number of guests and the length of the party. It’s better to have a little extra than to run out. Consider having a mix of savory and sweet options, along with drinks and healthy snacks.

What practical aspects should I consider for serving and eating?

Think about the logistics of serving the food. Opt for finger foods that are easy for kids to eat without much mess. Ensure you have enough plates, cups, napkins, and utensils. Also, consider having some adult-friendly options if parents will be attending.

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